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Direct questions (Who is it?) and indirect questions (I don't know who it is). Exercises with answers and grammar rules with examples also in PDF. question examples together as a class. Students then use the information from the first worksheet to change direct questions into indirect questions using polite . Indirect questions. Exercise 2: You have to interview someone for a job in your company. Choose the correct indirect questions that you'll ask from the options.

Indirect Questions Exercise 1 (Present Simple Tense). Change the direct questions into indirect questions. Use 'can you tell me'. 1). Where does she play tennis. I use indirect questions when I'm asking for help in the street, because they are very To change from a direct 'yes / no' question with inversion to an indirect. 14 Nov Exercise 1 | Exercise 2 change direct questions into indirect questions http://

Indirect Questions Exercise. "What's this?" "Do you know what this is?" Fill the gaps to make indirect questions. 1 "Where's the station?" "Can you tell me. Embedded question drill (indirect questions). In this activtiy, groups of learners work together doing transformation drills (changing direct questions. Embedded / Indirect Questions Board Game - ESL worksheets 12 questions given in direct form, students change them to indirect form using prompt at. INDIRECT QUESTIONS – WH-QUESTIONS. 1. Look at these pictures and read the text in bubbles. 2. Are there any questions in the bubbles? (exercise 1) What . Where is the bank? is a DIRECT QUESTION. Do you know where the bank is? is an INDIRECT. QUESTION. It is a polite way of getting information. a Do not use.

DIRECT AND INDIRECT QUESTIONS. Look 1. When does the next train leave ? 2. Dou you know when the next train leave? 1. Where is the bathroom? 2. Rewrite the questions in their indirect form. 1 What time is it Put the words in order to make indirect questions. 1 you / where GRAMMAR FOR PET . A. Put the following into Indirect speech: 1. The teacher said, "You must answer this question in 5 seconds". 8. D. Change from Indirect into Direct Speech: 1. You can form direct questions using the QUASM model that we learned last lesson. Example of a direct question: “Where's the bathroom?” Indirect questions are.


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